Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Goofy Sibs

A & B goofing off today.

I had a sad moment today. B was being generally naughty and hitting me and I told him no sternly and sat him down. Well, this offended him greatly and he started crying. I went to give him a hug and snuggle and he said, "NO" and went to A and snuggled with her for comfort. So I put this down as the moment in which he really got mad at me the first time.

I had some not good parenting moments today. We all have those. I yelled too much, was very impatient.. I don't even know if they ate all of their meals today. I just threw food at them until they stopped asking me for it. But now, they are bathed and in bed dreaming sweetly. Tomorrow will be a better day. Wednesdays are good because we have structure. Breakfast, School, Lunch, Nap, Dance, Dinner, Bed.

im up n ur grll, sayin cheez

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